My lady of the Various Sorrows (missmorte) wrote in batlady,
My lady of the Various Sorrows

Zones for this month

# Zone 1: The Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room (October 1 - 3)
# Zone 2: The Kitchen (October 6 - 10)
# Zone 3: The Bathroom and One Extra Room (October 13 - 17)
# Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (October 20 - 24)
# Zone 5: The Living Room (October 27 - 31)

With that being said here are the deadly details for the kitchen, the zone for this week.

1.Thoroughly clean the fridge inside and out, disposing of the experiments and corpses.
2. Wash inside and outside of microwave.
3. Clean the stove top/burner rings and all the things sitting on top of the stove.
4. Move everything on the counters and get the whole thing washed (including what you moved).
5. Go through cupboards and drawers, neaten them out and fling if necessary.
6. Give the high traffic area walls a wipe.
7. Dust the cobwebs on the windowsill for our little friends to have a clean home and shine the glass up while your at it.
8. Range hood filter/ fans need to be de-gunked.
9. Wash your cupboards down a few at a time.
10. If you have removable light covers wash them.
11. Clean out under the sink and toss old rags sponges and cleansers.
12. Give the floor a detailed wash
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