My lady of the Various Sorrows (missmorte) wrote in batlady,
My lady of the Various Sorrows

Deadly Details for Zone 4 - The Master Bedroom

I guess I'm going to have to quit hopping over all the piles of clothes.

The following list is your "Deadly Details" list for the bedroom. Add/subtract jobs and tasks to suit your needs:
1) Strip the bed and throw the sheets/mattress pad/comforter into the laundry.
2) Flip mattress.
3) Clear away cobwebs/dust.
4) Wipe down light switchplates and door knobs.
5) Wash windows/windowsills.
6) Clear off all the flat surfaces (dresser, vanity, bedside tables, etc) and declutter as you go.
7) Straighten the inside of the dressers/waredrobes.
8) Polish furniture.
9) Clean underneath the bed.
10) Vacuum/sweep the floor.
11) Empty the trash.
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Oh gosh yes, the bedroom needs a major go. Did a bit of decluttering yesterday, but not enough.

Did all my bathroom tasks last week :)