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clear those cobwebs

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Tried FlyLady but felt that it was a bit too much? Get tired of the unending flood of emails that had little or nothing to do with you? Want household tips that follow the same formula but accommidate *your* dark lifestyle a bit more?

Then you've found the right place! Welcome to BatLady! BatLady features the same basic FlyLady formula, daily missions, small steps, and shiny kitchen sinks. However, BatLady is focused more for the "working stiffs."

While BatLady does lean quite a bit towards the darker lifestyles, it is open to anyone interested in gaining more control over their life and their household.

Lastly, giving credit where credit is due:
Many thanks to FLYlady for the inspiration for this little working parody. Obviously, we'd be nothing without you. http://www.flylady.net

Love and hisses from your batlady mistress missmorte.